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Reporting of Federal Changes

Reporting of Federal Changes

At the closure of a federal audit, taxpayers must file state and local tax returns to report federal audit adjustments. Corporate tax departments are seldom in a position to absorb the additional workload. Our experienced staff is ideally suited to prepare and review these returns for filing.

Our process delivers quick assimilation of data into state specific templates so that tax results are easily reviewed and quantified. The project components can be divided between the service provider and client to suit the goals of the client. We are very flexible and offer contingent fee and fixed fee arrangements for these services. Our process includes:

  • State specific filing requirements;
  • Ready-made workplans and checklists;
  • State-by-state reconciliations to originally filed or amended returns;
  • Understandable and consistent workpapers;
  • Calculations and analyses of state NOLs; and
  • Analysis of credit utilizations and carryforwards.

Looking for experienced assistance for your critical RAR Compliance project?

Our team can assist in a variety of ways. State RAR Projects are unique to every company’s facts and circumstances.

Complete outsourcing?

We will create the work plans and filing calendars along with your managers and establish critical review milestones as we gather and compile the information from the original returns on down.


Do you have some of the needed resources to complete the project but not all? We can send one of our experienced team members on site to assist you in completing the returns, address notices and function within your process structure and protocols.

Need help completing the Amended Return Forms?

We know that the most time consuming task in completing the amended returns could be the form preparation. We are experts in completing amended return forms and we can complete forms and advise you of states that continue to accept spreadsheets for amended return filings.

Are you interested in a review of your amended RAR Returns?

We can provide you with a contingent fee arrangement to review your returns after filing with the various states. Following state RAR Amended return filings, states generally have a 6 month to 2 year Statute of Limitations. We will review your filing positions and interest calculations to identify overpayments of tax or over utilization of assets.

General Technical Assistance

We regularly provide clients with technical assistance in all areas of state and local tax and are available to answer day-to-day questions.

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