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As state and local governments look to increase revenues, state auditors have become increasingly more aggressive in assessing tax on a company's exempt sales.  Although many corporate tax departments are utilizing technology based exemption certificate management (ECM) "solutions," audit assessments and the time spent on defending exempt sales continues to be a major burden.  

GMG has observed that a technology-based ECM tool that merely collects exemption certificates is not the complete answer to significantly reducing audit exposure.  Our tax professionals utilize the latest technology-based ECM tools to provide a full service offering that will significantly reduce audit assessments attributable to exempt sales.  The reduction is accomplished by integrating the exemption certificate collection process with the validation of existing certificates, obtainment of missing certificates, reconciliation of the exempt sales report, and audit support and defense.  


Our full service exemption certificate management offering provides the following:

  • The extraction of data from exemption certificates into a manageable data template for each state, usage, and purpose.
  • The validation of each certificate by tax professionals who have extensive experience in audit support and audit defense pertaining to exempt sales assessments.
  • The launch and management of exemption certificate collection campaigns for imperfect or missing certificates.
  • The reconciliation of the exempt sales report to the exemption certificates on file.
  • Audit support and defense for any issues related to exempt sales.

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